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Stortini Mirko Bruno
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I'm a PCB Designer since 1997 and I'm working on a white goods industry.
For my job, I'm using Mentor Graphics
Expedition PCB and Zuken Cadstar PCB.
For manufacturing check,  I'm working with Wise VisualCAM
For my 3D Solid files, I'm working with SolidWorks
For my 2D files, I'm working with DraftSight

I have worked on Firmware software, especially with ST7 microcontroller assembler, for some industry projects.

However I have a passion : Develop Software.
I started in 1994 with VisualBasic and Borland Paradox then natural step was Borland Delphi.
After some years I have decided to switch to Microsoft Visual C++.

Another passion...Blind Guardian, System of a Down, Iron Maiden...but that's another story....