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Stortini Mirko Bruno
General Features
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In this version I have added the auto jumpers.
When you routing,you can invoke jumper list and place the selected jumper on top or on bottom side (SMD jumpers).
Furthermore was added a Jumper report
Rename Components

With command "AutoRename Reference" is possible to rename all components inside layout.
You can choose:
The direction (X or Y)
The length of "Band Width"
All Reference or only one (e.g. on single side project, is usual rename jumpers)

Furthermore will be create files ASCII for back annotation of several schematic capture like
® Orcad, Protel,Pads....
Alternative Bottom

When we realize a pcb with bottom components (especially SMD) is usefully, first of all, to push the component on the other side and when pushed,the possibility to change the footprint.
Into component library there is the field "Alternative Bottom Component" where you can set the bottom footprint.
When the pcb is wave soldered, usually the bottom footprint is slightly different,instead when the pcb is reflow soldered you can keep the same footprint.
This setting is at:
Setup-->Option-->Bottom Soldering.

You can look at the printed circuit board in a real view, as if it had been carried out, showing through holes, slots, the silkscreen etc....

In a moment, you can see for example, if the silk and references are placed well or end up on the pads, get an idea about circuit, check if the components are on the correct side etc. ...
Import DXF

Now is possible to import a DXF file from commercial CAD like AutoCAD, Intellicad, Turbocad and so on.
E.g. now you can import a mechanical drawing with a pcb board and  in a while, build your Board Outline avoiding mistakes and saving your time.
Download a Flash Example.
Export DXF

Now,is possible to generate a DXF file to export the project for other mechanical CAD.
This file will be open to all commercial CAD.
Is possible to export every single layer and every items (like Trace, Pads, Vias, Slots... and so on).
Export IDF (3D)

With "Export IDF" the project will be export
into an ASCII file that contains all 3D info.
Many professional CAD can import  this file and it is very helpfull for mechanical designers.
ZenitPCB uses component "Placement Outline" for the height.
Trace Current Capacity

Sometimes is necessary to know how many Ampere a trace could carry. With the dialog "Current Capacity" now is possible to know this data.
You have only to chose the Empirical formula, the Foil thickness and temperature rise above ambient.
Attention !! This calculation is based on Empirical equation.

Empirical equation  :
John McHardy and Mehendra Gandhy
IPC Data
DN Data by Ultracad Design
Obstruct Shapes.

Obstruct Shapes is for creating areas within which, and nowhere else, certain operations are not allowed (e.g. Placement, Routing,CopperPour ).
For creating this 'keep out' areas, you have to use a polyline shape.Use Fill type option to setup the fill type, about Obstruct Shape.

On Component Obstruct, you can set the height obstruct.This height will be used in checking against component keep out areas.
Note: if value is "0" all components will not be included,inside shape.
Animated GIF
Animated GIF
Animated GIF
Animated GIF
Animated GIF
Padstack features

Padstack Offset :

Now is possible make a pad with an offset shape.
Animated GIF
Padstack Slot
Now is possible make a pad with an slot hole.