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Stortini Mirko Bruno
Gerber & Drill
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Gerber Output
DRC Example :
Text (SilkScreen) over a pad.
Collision between components
You can also generate Drilling files, necessary for the realization of printed circuit board.
You can set the format Excellon (default) or Sieb & Mayer.
In addition you can set, if necessary, the tolerances of NC tool.

With ZenitPCB Layout, you can achieve gerber files in a flexible way by selecting the layer and the elements that must be exported.
You can Also include or exclude component to plot by "Exclude Component..." button.
This data can also be saved in a file that can be used on other projects.
NC-Drill Output

You can, through the window
"Generate Gerber ..." --> "
Exclude Component", to exclude components not selected from plotting.
It may be useful when you have to create a documentation:
Assembly note of related components selected
Identification of the functions of the components themselves.
(See example below)
Creating simplified variants project