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ZenitCapture Schematic
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ZenitCapture Schematic is easy to learn and fast to use. Schematic designs can be created quickly using the easy-feature toolset available.

Schematic Capture

A schematic is a sketch of an electrical logic. It contains the electrical connection between component symbols by the use of signal wires. A schematic in ZenitCapture can have several pages and can be lead to a layout by a Netlist File (ASCII).

Devices are selected from the part libraries or new devices created on the schematic Parts Editor.

Adding connections is easy, with orthogonal locking and snap to pin. Also you can add  global symbols ( like gnd,vcc.. ), busses, text, multitext, shape, IEEE symbols, FieldText and so on...

Schematic Features
ZenitCapture 1.6 Features Video
ZenitCapture 1.9 Features
ZenitCapture Workspace ZenitCapture Workspace Detail Sheet Page Property
ZenitCapture Part & Pin Property Part Attributes Spreadsheet Report Outputs
Place & Find Parts Wire Color & Note ZenitCapture Buses
CrossProbe with ZenitPCB
With ZenitCapture is possible to cross probe from schematic to ZentiPCB.
Multi-sheet Design
Customizable Colors
Is possible to customize all elements color, like background or parts, wires , busses and so on.
Electrical Elements
You can place a lot of electrical elements like :
- Parts
- Wires
- Global & Signal References
- Busses
Other Elements
You can place other elements like :
- Text
- Multi-Text
- Shapes
- IEEE symbols
Selection Filter
You can filter elements by toolbar "Select Elements", excluding or not Parts, Text, Wires and Shapes.
Import & Save Selected Circuit
You can export (save) a portion of circuit and you could import this circuit on another project.
Print Schematic Sheets Option
Is possible to print the schematic with the 'Alternative Text Output', that convert the vectorial text with True type Font. In this way you can create text in pdf files, for example.
In addition you can also print 'All to Black'.
Custom Report Output
When you have completed the project, you need to export schematic data to the manufacturer. So you can export Part List and Bill of Material of the project, into an ASCII file.
Add Attribute on Parts
Is possible to add a lot of user attributes inside part, like cost, manufacturers, voltage, tollerance and so on
Part Properties
Default Part Properties :
- Part Name
- Part Number
- Description
- Datasheet
- Note
- Decal
Parts Included inside part
Inside a part you can include other parts, typically document parts (labels, screw,heat sink,and so on.).
Part Not Verified
When we are drawing a part of the circuit, often values of the components are indicative, and only later, adjusted to the correct value. This is true both for the value, which for the footprint.
So it is helpful to know which parts are not yet defined, displaying them on the explorer bar, which allows you to jump from one component to another.
Part Exclude from Report or Netlist
Exclude part from all Netlists or
Exclude part from all ASCII reports
Software Detail on Part
List all software detail on the Part. Really useful, because in a single document, you also have the software code and software-part matching.
Obviously, the source code of the micro is not stored, inside part!
Part Attribute Manager
With part attribute manager, you have access to all part information from a single spreadsheet, avoiding tedious single part modifications.
On spreadsheet is possible to show\hide all attribute, sort columns and filter rows.
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