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Stortini Mirko Bruno
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"Stortini Mirko Bruno"
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3. No form of decompilation / reverse engineering / disassembling parts or whole of the software may be done.

4. You may not misrepresent the origin of the software/artwork.
   If you are distributing the package and library, the files must be clearly indicated that they are part of
   ZenitPCB Layout software by Stortini Mirko Bruno.
ZenitPCB is a freeware program. You can use this software without any fees to pay. Let me mark that to be able to offer you the program in this state, I used very much of my spare time in the last years. Of course, I have to pay the webhosting including the traffic that isn't very low, software licences etc.

So if you like ZenitPCB and find it useful, I would be very happy if you consider donating to the project.

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