ZenitSuite : 1.80
( January 2014 )

ZenitPCB :
-Change Pad directly into the workspace environment, without opening the footprint library.

-Copy Padstack into the workspace environment.

-Move footprint text directly inside workspace environment (with arrow keys).
Very usefull for text polarity (+) or pin numbers.

- Padstack Manager Copy Row Pad Top to Bottom / Bottom to Top
- When change the combo "pad shape" the unused fields are cleared
- No more close Project if modify Footprint
- Increase the toolbar button Size
- Increase all form text Size
- Rotate Selected text without move
- Improve via selection when trace are bigger then via
- Part Group  Add\Select\Delete
- Improved Thermal line width

- ZenitCapture


Bug Fixed

- Padstack Editor :  No delete Pasdtack with space
- PCB Editor :          Esc on Drag REF no the ref disappear
- Filter Tooltip :        Now show correctly the Shape and Part Drawing (Ho dovuto ricreare il bottone
copiare la figura e rinominare il bottone e sostituirlo al vecchio nome sul progetto)
- Jumper :                When move a jumper without net on pin the program crash.
- DXF output :         Correct dxf output when part was angled (45)
- Arc :                      Correct display of 45
ZenitSuite : 1.65  

( June 2012 )

Filter Selection of Decal Drawing.

Is possible to exclude all Drawing
Footprint, from selection.

Footprint Wizard.

With Footprint wizard you can automatically
create this type of footprint :

SMD Discrete
D-Type Female Connector
D-Type Male Connector

Find Pads on Selected Net.

Now is easier to find all pads,
with same net name.

Change Segment Width on Routing Mode

When you Route you can now set up,
in addition to the Minimum,typical and maximum
width, also a user width.

ZenitSuite : 1.61  

( September 2011 )

When drag symbol with wires the wire net name don't move .  Fixed.
Don't select the net name under other elements. Fixed.
Refresh Project Explorer when rename a net.
Fix a Field Text problem.

ZenitSuite : 1.60  

( May 2011 )
ZenitPCB Library : New Features

Now is possible to show, on a list, all Properties about Parts and edit them on the fly.

Find Decal

With "Find Component Decal" is
possible to looking for a footprint,
according with specific string filter.
The program open the selected

New Layers

Adds new mechanical and document layers.


- Replace Footprint :
If the old footprint has 5 pins and the new one has 5pins with 1 or more MountingHoles,now the program will accept  
the replacement.
- CopperPour Place : With ESC key you'll exit from this command --> Drag Segment / Move Copper Shape /
Insert Corner
- Fix Bug : Gerber Output Mirror Pad

ZenitCapture : New Features

AutoRename Reference

Now is possible to rename the
Part Reference, by Sheets or
by Reference prefix.

ZenitSuite : 1.52 

( August  2010 )
Fix bug on NCDrill and Gerber Output with bottom Parts
Improve selection shape with thickness under 0.05mm
ZenitSuite : 1.51 

( July 2010 )
Error on Arc Shape with Move Origin
Error on opening new symbol library
ZenitSuite : 1.50

( June 2010 )
In this release I concentrated my effort on ZenitPCB, to increase functionality and stability.

The major points are :

- New Padstack features
- Obstruct Shapes
- Rotate Component 45 step
- New GerberView Functions
- Forms Redraw
- Usability and Help